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  ACM Association for Computing Machinery
Publications, Conference, CoRR Computing Research Repository, Digital Library
  AMS American Mathematical Society
Conferences, Publications
OnLine Resources: MathSciNet Math Reviews on the Web, Math on the Web, On-Line Museums and Exhibits
  ASA American Statistical Association
Statistics in Sports
  AWM Association for Women in Mathematics  
  Baltzer Science Publisher
Journals: Annals of OR
  Elsevier Science Publisher  
  IEEE Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Calendar, Publications, IEEE Spectrum
Societies, Computer Society
  IACR International Association for Cryptography Research
Calendar, ePrint Archive
  IMU International Mathematics Union
World Mathematical Year 2000
  INFORMS Institute for Operations Research & Management Science
Conferences, OR/MS Today
Prizes: Dantzig, Edelman, Lanchester, Edelman
Publications: Operations Research, Management Science, Journal of Computing, Math of OR, Journal of Computing, Transportation Science
Subdivisions: Applied Probability, Computing, Optimization, Telecommunications
  MAA Mathematics Association of America  
  Kluwer Academic Publisher  
  MPS Mathematical Programming Society
Conferences: ISMP 2000, IPCO
Publications: Mathematical Programming A, B & C journal, Optima newsletter, Optimization Book Series
  SIAM Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
SIAM News, Report on Mathematics in Industry
Activity Groups: Optimization, Discrete Math, Statistics
Conferences, Journals, Books, World of Mathematics & Computing
  USENIX Events, Publications  
  Wiley Interscience Publisher  
Professional Publications Vita Useful Links   Personal Contact Info